Twiddling Thumbs

It’s happening. Friends are starting to post photos of new friends in new places, tutors are sending out last-minute advice emails, and countless year abroad blogs have been created and shared in the past few days. Yepp, the year abroad is definitely happening. Just not for me, well not yet anyway.

At first when I found out I didn’t have to fly out to Mexico until the 3rd of October, I thought “Yay! 4 months of summer holidays!”, but now September’s come around, I seem to be sitting here just twiddling my thumbs. Anyone who knows me well knows that normally I’m always doing something; spending endless hours at home just isn’t my style. So of course, I’ve tried to keep myself busy. I’ve started researching more in-depth what I want to do and see in Mexico (adding to my YA bucket list); I’ve bought everything and anything I thought might be useful to take, including a new backpack, a fleece (#practical), and vacuum pack bags, which should make packing much easier (will update on this when I actually start packing); and I’ve also booked some mega-cheap flights to Germany to visit friends out there already.

So while I’m waiting to leave, I can’t help feeling that this late departure is doing little more than drag out any anxiety and fear about my year abroad, like tearing off a plaster really slowly. Seeing everyone else having a great time abroad makes me question whether Mexico was the right decision (I want to go everywhere!!), but while I am looking forward to going, it’s quite difficult as so far I still don’t know very much about what to expect. I don’t know where  I’m going to live yet, what admin i still need to do (it’s all very complicated) or exactly what my job entails. I guess it’s just a (long) case of “wait and see”…


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