My YA Experience

Bienvenida en México

It’s been 4 days since I arrived in Mexico, and so far it’s been much better than I ever expected #cheesey

After a rocky start at Heathrow when we were stuck on the tarmac for almost 2 hours as they had forgotten to fix engine number three, we arrived at Mexico city airport 10 hours later and were buzzing to see the city, even if it was almost 4am British time.

We’re all here to work as language assistants for the Anglo Foundation, who have various English teaching centres around Mexico. They provided us with three days of “training” – mainly sightseeing in Mexico city, can’t complain!

We saw the Angel de la Independencía, Chapultepec park and castle, el Palacio de Bellas Artes, the old post office, the Cathedral, Templo Mayor and much more! We were so grateful to have Hugo, from the Anglo, show us around and teach us about this amazing country.

Hugo also helped us learn about the culture. It’s funny how different Mexico is to the UK, in ways I never expected.

For example:

  • Mexicans drive like madmen. Luckily Hugo taught us how to cross a road in Mexico #prayforkristin
  • You can drive either way around a roundabout. #prayharder
  • You can hire a mariachi band per hour to serenade your sweetheart at her window. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll throw water over you.
  • You can’t flush loo roll #eek
  • The little buses don’t actually have stops, you just hop on/off when it stops in traffic.
  • Uber and UberPool are gobsmackingly cheap. I took 3 Ubers today, 2 of which were over an hour long (into the city centre and back) and cost a mere £5 each. Madness. (With public transport the journey would’ve been 20p, but hey #treatyoself)
  • PDA is next level here, we were at the park today and couples were certainly not very PG :’)dsc_0179

We also found a gorgeous little restaurant called la buena tierra (the good earth) which really showed off all the green produce Mexico has to offer (dead cheap too)!

My riquísimo buddha bowl —>
(It was way bigger than it looks, promise)

Finally yesterday I finally got to visit the Anglo Florida, where I’ll be working this year. The biggest surprise of the YA so far awaited me there, when the staff had made me a HUGE welcome sign (not kidding, it was like the size of a door), put up balloons and bought cake (a yummy lemon meringue pie). I was so happy I almost cried, all I could do was thank the staff and tell them how grateful I was the the opportunity.DSC_0185.jpg

Then I finally got to meet my host family, who are so so lovely and helpful! They have gone above and beyond for me and I’m sure I’m going to have a good time here! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Bienvenida en México

  1. Very happy for you Kris!! I remember the first time I met you at one of the Susu Coffes, I think it was one of the fist Spanish conversation you take with, hope you have a wonderful time and Mexico, I live in Cancun in case you come to visit our Caribbean Sea and you wanna go for a drink or sth, let me know . Enjoy Mx!!


  2. Apparently you don’t need to take a test to get a driving licence in Mexico City, which may explain the dangerous driving!


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