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Bravo, Valle de Bravo 👍

I’m a sleepy person, not just occasionally, but recently that seems to have become a defining characteristic of my personality. The issue is, I’m such a keen bean that I always accept invitations and look for things to do that I often forget to factor in time for some quality Zzzzzs. This week I’ve really pushed the limits of my lack of sleep, squeezing in only 40 minutes (yes MINUTES) in a 42 hour period!

Tuesday began bright and early at 6am, when I have to get up for work in the mornings. Fast forward to 9pm, and I was on a bus to visit Mixquic, an area in the south of Mexico City. We wanted to visit to see the day of the dead celebrations, which were meant to be really good there, but what we didn’t expect was the choc-a-block traffic which meant it took us a good 4 hours to get there! Once we were there, we quickly rushed around the markets, tried some of the street food (I tasted the WORST pizza in my life, the dough was sweet, there was no tomato sauce,  the cheese was 90% acrylic, and the pepperoni could only be described as being thoroughly dodgy), and queued for the grubby public toilet for a good 45 minutes (and at a cost of 7 pesos it was quite literally an utter piss take). We also wanted to visit the panteón but unfortunately it was closed by the time we got there…

Long story short, I got back at about 4am, got into my pyjamas, brushed my teeth, took off my makeup and got into my bed and set my alarm… for 4:45am. At this point I wouldn’t really call it sleep but rather a nap, but somehow I managed to get up 40 minutes later and have a shower, wash my hair (!), get dressed again and grab an uber to the north of the city, ready to head off on Wednesday’s adventure: a trip to the Valle de Bravo. After all, we had Wednesday off work as it was the day of the dead, so typical me had to go make the most of it.

Rom and I took the coach at 6am from Revolución, and we arrived in the Valle de Bravo at about 10am. I tried to sleep a bit on the bus, but unfortunately the driver had a real craving for ear-drum shatteringly loud Banda music – what I can only describe as a shocking fusion between German brass band and Mexican mariachi music, so I didn’t get much shut eye there either.

A large bottle of coke later, we were taking pictures with a cool waterfall (cascada vela de novia), and then we carried on to the town centre, where we would have about 7 hours to relax and explore, which was really nice.

First we tackled the peña mirador – a huge rock/mountain thing with really cool views from the top. We were told to take a taxi to the top, but the frugal Brits we are, Rom and I decided to enjoy the coastline and walk the whole way. The climb was tough. As times it was worse than Tepostlán, but the views were definitely worth it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once we were satisfied that we had taken sufficient photos, we walked back to the town centre to grab some lunch. I had some enchiladas verdes – enchiladas cooked in green salsa served with frijoles (beans), and I am very proud to say: Not only did I survive the spice, I enjoyed it! The girl who once found ginger nuts too spicy has come a long way indeed.

It was such a lovely sunny day we really wanted to swim in the lake, but alas didn’t foresee this and so neither of us had swimming stuff. We reluctantly paid $150 for a pair of swimming shorts (#ripoff) and hopped on a boat to tour the lake. We had great views of some very fancy lake houses, waterfalls and we stopped for a while to take a dip.

Finally we warmed up again with (much needed!) coffee and pancakes at a local café, watched some traditional dancing in the centre and had a little rest in a pretty church, and then, just as the thunder and lightning took over the skies, it was time to get back on the coach and head back to the city, and finally to bed!

I would definitely recommend a trip to the Valle de Bravo, you can even go parasailing there, but it’s quite expensive and we didn’t have time to do it this time, but another time definitely! This Pueblo Mágico is a great destination if you want to relax, it’s the closest thing to a beach holiday within a day-trip sized radius of the city. 🙂


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