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Road Trip to the Beach

Mexico City is a great place to live and its central location means that it’s a really good hub for travelling to various locations in Mexico. However, Mexico is bloody huge. That means, the nearest beach is about 6 hours away (Acapulco). So when Laura, Rom, Ruben and I decided to go to the beach for a weekend, we were taking on quite a challenge! We decided to go to Ixtapa/Zihuantanejo in the state Guerrero (notoriously dodgy), which would be a 7 hour drive away.

Beach Please!

We looked at hostels and Air Bnbs but luckily I found a really good deal for a semi-luxurious hotel right on the beach! It was about $950 for 2 nights per person, including breakfast (about £40), which in terms of English money was really cheap!

I took Friday off work (having worked last Saturday to make up for it), and we set off at about 7 in the morning, still very sleepy as we had been out for salsa and burritos the night before, #responsible, but as you may realise from the various weekend trips on this blog so far, sleep is for the week (I was far to proud of this new mantra-pun). All was going well with Laura as DJ, Ruben driving and Rom and I chilling in the back. It was all going well, that is until at the first (of many) toll booths, Ruben realised he had forgotten his wallet, containing his money, cards, and driving license. Shit. Laura took over the role as banker for the trip.

We drove on through the dense fog and stopped for breakfast at the hippest service station we’d ever been to: it was made of old shipping containers, and resembled a club more than a café with its orange walls, quirky furniture and sick beats.

We drove through Michoacán, with some really amazing views of the lakes, which we definitely have to go back to sometime! We passed many more toll booths, but luckily for us a lot of them were on strike, allowing us to pass for free! #winning Although it was a bit disconcerting when they starting writing on our car…

Viewsss on route

Laura took the wheel for a few hours to give Ruben a break, and once she had got the hang of driving on the wrong side of the road, we had far too much fun playing car games and riddles #coolkids.

Hold on tight lads, she’s driving

We finally got to Zihuantanejo at about 5pm, checked into the hotel, jumped up and down with excitement at the view, the pools and the jacuzzi, then we headed straight to the beach to get dinner and go for a dip. And guess what, the sea was actually WARM! And not just “yeah it’s warm you should get in!”, like genuinely like a bathtub! We were blessed with the best sunset I’ve ever seen in my life, then we headed back to the hotel to try the infinity pool and happy-hour cocktails, yum!


The next day we go up bright and early at 8am, got a huge (albeit spicy) breakfast from the hotel, and we were off to la Isla Ixtapa (an island off the next town). We arrived and were immeadiately treated like celebrities, I still don’t know why. We got the boat across the sea (only $40 return, bargain), and were shown to our sun loungers for the day, with our own shady area, cushions and tables. Our waiter/guide took care of everything: he organised for us to go snorkelling, parasailing, brought us food and drinks, it was like being royalty!

2 Hot 2 Handle

Snorkelling was so cool, and at only $120 each, it was so cheap! We saw so many fish, starfish, and other sea creatures (I’m 99% sure I saw a snake/eel thing), and once I’d got the hang of breathing through a tube (tip: don’t look too far down, or the snorkel will fill with sea water which will then go in your mouth! #neveragain). We had declined the offer for photos ($500?! no thanks!) but then our guide made us an offer of $50 each and he’d send us the pics via whatsapp, so we agreed. Here are the top pics:

We then relaxed in our VIP lounge, swam in the sea, had lunch, and it was really chill. Then our guide called us a private speedboat to whist us off the island to the mainland, to Playa Linda, where he’d arranged for us to go parasailing ($300pp), which all felt very James Bond. Parasailing itself was really cool, you get such a good view or the palm tree forests all around, but they didn’t quite explain the take-off procedure properly, so we didn’t all realise we had to sit down on the support, so I sat down a little too late so it was a bit uncomfortable, but at least the views were awesome!

Our speedboat then took us back to our Pacific Island, where we chilled for another few hours. As the last boat left the Island at 5pm, we had to get going, but not before exploring a secret coral beach around the corner.

That’s not sand, it’s pieces of blanched coral (dead)

Then, back to the hotel for a chill evening in the jacuzzi with some chelas (beers), watching the sunset #perf. We went out to dinner in the town, then we were going to go out but we were shattered so we settled on a night in instead.


Unfortunately, sod’s law is very much a real phenomenon, as we found out when the police pulled us over for going the wrong way down a one way street (bloody satnav!), and as you may remember Ruben didn’t have his license. We were facing a $900 fine and the police were going to confiscate some other car document until Monday (when we wouldn’t be here anymore…), so we were well up shit creek. Then, miraculously, 20 minutes later we were free to go. No fines, no penalties. We’re still not sure exactly what happened between Ruben and the policeman while they were talking outside the car to make that happen, but let’s not question it… #Mexico

Our last day was Sunday, which we decided to spend at the hotel pool with cocktails. The weather was a bit miserable though (rain?! yesterday it was over 30 degrees!), so we decide to head back a bit early, so we could stop for dinner in Patzcuáro in Michoacán on the way. It was a really cute town (though it did have the worst decorated xmas tree ever), but it was already dark and still raining so we didn’t stay long, but we did have enough time to buy some souvenirs! #gringas

Patzcuáro is spooky at night…

On the way back, Rom also realised she had lost her wallet somewhere, but the hotel said they didn’t have it when she called. Luckily she kept her bank card separately!

We finally got back to CDMX just before midnight, meaning we actually were able to get some sleep before work the next day!

It was a fab weekend with fab people, hopefully we’ll do it again sometime!! #BritchesOnTour



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