Christmas Travels: Oaxaca 

It’s finally the Christmas holidays, woo! And if course you know what that means…  Time to travel! 

I’d been planning this trip around the south of Mexico for ages, I just needed someone to come with me, as two is always better than one! I finally convinced Rom to spend her Christmas in a hostel in the middle of nowhere with me. 

So yesterday we left the big city, and got on an 8 hour bus to oaxaca. About 2 hours in we made the very unfortunate discovery that the AU bus didnt actually have a toilet on board, which as you can imagine caused some problems. Luckily we stopped at a service station not long after, but it was a close call! 

We also met a lovely girl called Ruth on the bus, who was travelling to her family in oaxaca for the holidays, so we got to practise some Spanish with her! 

We finally arrived in oaxaca de Juárez at about 8pm, by which time it was dark so we got a taxi to our hostel. We stayed at the hostel de Las Americas, which was super cheap and a great experience! We paid about £6 each per night, which included breakfast! I really enjoyed this hostel experience as although Rom and I were put in separate dorms, we both met some really cool people. In my dorm there were Germans, a Dutch girl and two Mexicans, so lots of language practice there! Rom had some British girls in her dorm (woo!) but as we only stayed one night we didn’t get to know them very well. 

That night we got dinner at a local feria and then walked to the zócalo to browse the markets, before grabbing a beer at a jazzy bar near the hostel. 

The next day we decided to go to Monte Albán, as Rom hadn’t been before. We got a tour from the hostel, which cost about $200 each, and was really good. We had a guide who explained everything about the site and zapotec culture. 

Our guide Alberto explaining how the Zapotecos used to play ball ⚽

Touristing it up

Madly, we even bumped into Ian, a colleague from my work, who was also getting the same tour! What a coincidence! 

We got back to the city at about 2pm, and decided to get some food at the mercado de la comida, I had some of the famous oaxacan mole, which was really yummy. It’s like a spicy chocolate sauce served with chicken. 

Enmoladas con Horchata

Then we spent the afternoon browsing markets, buying (too many) souvenirs and looking inside the many churches. 

We got dinner again at the mercado, this time I tried some oaxacan tamales, which did not disappoint, although they’re weren’t particularly photogenic… 

Were currently back at the hostel, ready for our night bus to Chiapas at 9pm. Hope we sleep well! 


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