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Adventures in Ventura

Another puente, another trip! Yet again, we were off on another Hang Out party trip, this time to Playa Ventura in Guerrero. We set off on Friday night, and the old, experienced hang-outers we are, we wisely opted for the sleeping bus rather than the party bus, which meant we actually got some sleep during the 11 hour coach trip, unlike the party bus goers who apparently didn’t sleep at all…

In total there were about 150 of us on the trip, which was awesome, we literally filled two hotels and the beach was basically ours alone!


Unfortunately (or so I thought) the resort didn’t have any phone signal or wifi, so we had the whole weekend off the grid. Initially a terrifying concept, I loved it. It’s the longest I’ve been off-wifi in my adult life, and I would totally recommend it. However, I think the only reason I enjoyed it so much was because no one was using their phones. So we actually made an effort to talk to each other and keep the convos going, instead of just pulling out Facebook if there was a lull. I liked it so much that when I found out on Sunday afternoon that there in fact was a weak wifi connection available, I shrugged and decided to wait until I was back in CDMX to catch up with the outside world.

Forest fire? Eh no biggie (did get showered with ash)

Anyway, we spent the Saturday chilling by the beach, playing beach volleyball (*cough “playing” cough* – more like stand on the pitch and hope the others know what they’re doing lol), pool volleyball, and of course sun-bathing. the beach was absolutely beautiful, although the waves were so aggressive they knocked us out so many times! Should’ve brought a surf-board…

In the evening, we released baby sea turtles into the ocean (Pacific), which I wasn’t sure how I felt about. Yeah, the turtles were cute and all, but I couldn’t help worrying about the conditions they’d been kept in until that point… But hey, they’re free now.


My eco-conscious was tugged at again though when later that night during the neon party we released paper lanterns, which yeah was gorgeous (albeit not an activity I would recommend for 150 drunk people) but it was bittersweet watching these beautiful orbs land on the horizon in the sea, ready for our baby turtles to choke on. Fab.


Going back to the neon party, it was really fun! We all wore white and painted ourselves with neon paint, and there were even some circus performers doing cool things with fire (I didn’t actually watch a lot of this, can’t remember what I was doing instead #drunkdistractions).

The next day we visited another beach, la playa de la roca, literally Rock Beach, which was pretty much the same as Ventura but with a couple of big rocks. Again, typical beach stuff: swim, sun, sand, sunset, seafood.

That evening we had a mardi gras party back at our beach, which was really funny: basically everyone competes to collect the most beaded necklaces, it got pretty messy. What can I say, I’m a competitive person. Sadly I didn’t win though, as loads of people teamed up to get the prize #nofair

Monday was our last day, and as you can imagine by this point we were pretty tired/hanging. So we chilled by the pool all day and then headed home at about 4pm, getting back to DF at about 2am, ready for work the next morning #yay


As promised, this blog post is dedicated to ma main man Joselo, because, well, you know what they say… 😉


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