A Day Trip to Tolantongo

I realise a lot of my blog posts are about travel, but hey, that seems to be my life at the moment (and I love it). But I promise to write some posts about other aspects of la vida mexicana ASAP.

Anyway, last weekend Olu, Ann and I went on a day trip to Tolantongo, some thermal springs about 4 hours away from CDMX in Hidalgo. We went with the tour company Excultur, which I found on facebook and are really cheap – we paid $460. We met at Chapultepec metro at 6am (or rather I got there at 5:20am #sopunctual #sobritish), and then set off. We were planning on sleeping on the bus, but they decided to put on a really loud film. And of all the films they could’ve chosen, what did they choose? Bloody PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. I repeat, it’s 6am and there are young children on this bus. Not cool. Every time I dozed off a jump-scare would wake me again #nothappy. Coaches in Mexico always seem to play films, which I don’t like as I’d rather sleep, but I think it’s a really fresa thing. They want the illusion of luxury, confirmation that they are middle-class. Even if it makes the journey far less comfortable.


Anywayyyy, we got there at about 11am and were welcomed by brilliant sunshine and 27 degree heat #YesItsReallyFebruary. We got changed and took the camioneta ($5) to the first set of pools hanging off a mountain. Tolantongo was kind of special to me, as before I went to Mexico, my best friend Esta tagged me in a post about it on facebook. It was decided then and there, I would have to go. So when I skyped her on Saturday and said “you know that thing you tagged me in this time last year…” she knew immediately what I meant #bffgoals. So I was super excited to go!


The water was really warm, like being in a bathtub! However, as you might expect, there were loads of people so it didn’t really look like the photos we’d seen on the internet. We squeezed in a tub which was in the sun but had a couple in it, and we 3rd, 4th and 5th wheeled to the max. They didn’t want us there. We didn’t want them there. The game was on. They were super stubborn, hogging as much of the pool as they could by lying/floating across it, and at one point they turned to getting it on in a hope to evict us #passiveaggressive. We were there for about an hour when it got even busier, so they accepted our presence (rather us than a large Mexican family, who chose the pool next to us instead luckily!)

Ruining our pics on purpose ->

Then we headed down to the river, which was shockingly blue, it looked like some satirical cartoon about chemical waste. Luckily, it too was really warm, though a bit tricky to climb down into! We had fun taking lots of photos #tourists #noshame, but the highlight was definitely when Ann fell down one of the waterfalls! It was so funny, and luckily despite a few bumps and a possible broken toe she’s fine now 😉 However, those waterfalls really are dangerous, as one young Mexican discovered (or not) when she thought it’d be fun to let her 1 year old “slide” down one. Obviously, the baby was not happy and after another Mexican woman raised the alarm I had to swim after the baby and save him from drifting further down the river! The mum didn’t seem to fussed though, which was a bit weird…

Another great part of Tolantongo is the cave (gruta) which was where the source of the river is so it was SO HOT and steamy! It was hotter than my shower, and more powerful! Unfortunately Olu lost her sunglasses in the waterfall, and despite our best efforts (and of a few kind strangers), we couldn’t find them again. 😦


The last place we went was the classic swimming pool. They had diving boards, so I jumped off a few times and so did Ann (after a lot of persuasion!). We messed about taking #gapyah pics and doing handstands, typical pool fun 😉

Finally we headed home at 5:30pm, knackered, but again we couldn’t sleep because of the films… Note to self: bring ear plugs on any bus journey….


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