My YA Experience

If I Could Pack My Suitcase Again


All the wrong things in there #tbt

I would bring:

  • More work clothes. I didn’t realise how smart “smart-casual” really was, so I’ve spent a fortune on buying new clothes, which are actually really expensive in Mexico. I miss Primark!
  • More tea. I brought 40 teabags with me (limited space), but my God do I need more. Yeah, you can buy it here but it’s just not the same. And super expensive.
  • More immodium. I’ll let you work that one out. #ThanksMexico
  • Chocolate. Mexico, the land of chocolate is actually really shit at chocolate. It all tastes like chocolate you’d find in a 99p shop advent calendar. Gross. Please someone send me some Cadburys! (although it’ll take 5 months to get here, for real my xmas cards just arrived).
  •  More bikinis. I’ve been swimming a lot more than ever in my life, too much travelling I guess! But yeah, clothes are expensive, and handing over $500 is so much harder when you know you’ve got the same thing at home.
  • More travel adaptors. I brought one. LOL big mistake there Kristin. Luckily my host fam lent me another, although both broke last month. So luckily Mum gave me 2 more when she visited.
  • Blue tack. I just can’t find any here.
  • Batteries. You never know when you’ll need them, and oh my God are they expensive here.

I wouldn’t bring:

  • So many jumpers. Mexico is warrrmmmm man.
  • So many books. You can get cheap second hand ones here.
  • An umbrella. “Whhaaaaaatt???” I hear the Brits cry, but it is true, it doesn’t rain here. When I got here I carried my brolly everywhere, as you do, but literally since being here it’s rained 5 days maybe? I haven’t felt rain since before Christmas. How weird is that? Although when it does rain, it’s fucking tropical.

I’m glad I packed:

  • My extension lead. Plug socket underneath my bunk bed? No problem. Also so many more sockets.
  • My portable charger. So handy when travelling!
  • A padlock. Also very useful for the gym and when travelling! (Hostels often provide lockers but no locks).
  • Toiletries and makeup. Suuuuperrrr pricey here.
  • Slippers. It’s nice to have some home comforts, also no one has carpets here.
  • My large backpack. A saviour when travelling and for weekends away.


I’m sure I’ll think of more things and I’ll add them as they come along! Hope this is helpful!


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