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Juggling Life – Deadlines, Neverending Fomo and Guanajuato

So, it’s March. The YARP deadline is approaching like a high-speed train on extremely well-greased tracks, and I’m slipping around, trying to run away on those same slippery tracks like bambi on ice. To make matters worse, right behind that train is the huge, inescapable “end of the YA” boulder, ready to crush me only 4 weeks after I hopefully am rid of this YARP. So my juggling act has had  to become even more impressive. I have a big mental list of things I want to do and achieve before going home, so I have to fit these into my schedule alongside the diss work.

So, in the spirit of #yolo and #fomo, this month I’ve somehow managed to book myself onto a trip EVERY BLOODY WEEKEND. Fucking oops. Bye bye money, bye bye time. But hey, I’ve been saving for a while “for a rainy day”, and ironically more sunny Mexican skies is what I want to spend that money on. And in terms of time, I work best when I’m busy. If I fill my week (or month) with lots of activities, I’ll force myself to work on uni work every spare moment. So this works for me #FamousLastWords.

Anyway, I spent last week teaching myself all the maths I never thought I needed (shout out to Mrs Pearson in Y13 Maths Class for saying “you’re all going to need this at university. Except you Kristin, not in a languages degree”. Oh boy were you wrong). So thank you internet for helpful pdfs and tutorials on SPSS, ANOVAs and Post-Hoc Tests. After many ups and downs, false-hopes and eureka moments, my draft-chapter was done, and I was free for the weekend.

We went to Guanajuato (city and state), which is a beautiful university town. We arrived at about lunchtime, had some food in the market, bought souvenirs, then took a walking tour of the city. It’s so different to other Mexican cities – no grid road system, the higgledy-piggledy roads and alleys felt very European. The city even has a complex underground road tunnel system, as the streets in the city are so “useless”. The city is famous for its many alleys too, like the callejon del beso, an alley so narrow that legend has it a pair of star-crossed lovers used to kiss across their balconies.

We climbed a really huge hill to get up to the mirador, and omg it was so worth it. We had a great view of the whole city. Then we headed to the centre and to the university, all very pretty. The city kind of felt Italian (also a lot of pizza, very weird).

Then we took a bus to some mines at the edge of the city.  Guanajuato is famous for its silver and quartz mines, so learning about this piece of history was really cool. The souvenir shops after were great too (#byebyemoremoney).

In the evening we went out to a club, which was honestly a bit shit for the first 1.5 hours as it was pure electro, but finally some real bangers came on later. I was sharing a hotel room with some great girls who I met on the trip, a Colombian, Tunisian and a German. We got on so well, I’m glad I tried to branch away from sticking to the brits for once! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) We left the club at 3am (together, only 1 key) and got a taxi to our hotel, once we figured out what is was called – should probably have written it down!

The next day we took the coach to San Miguel de Allende, about 1.5 hours away. San Miguel was so beautiful, also felt really European, kind of like Oaxaca City. We had lunch at THE. BEST. ITALIAN. I have experienced outside Italy, this spag bol was #incred. Then we wandered around the city taking pics and exploring, when we were randomly invited onto the roof of a random woman’s grandma’s house. Ok #AlwaysSayYes. The roof was absolute #goals, so beautiful and great views and even some cats!

By 5pm it was time to head back to CDMX, and we actually for once got back at a reasonable time – 10pm – so I actually got some sleep before work on Monday! Now to try to get some more Yarp stuff done before my next upcoming trips every weekend this month… #wishmeluck


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