Puente in Puerto Escondido

This blog entry is a bit late, but with all my YARP stuff going on I haven’t had much time to write anything (or do anything) non-yarp relates (except trips of course…).

Anyway, two weekends away we went to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Again, we went with Hang Out (no surprise there), and it was a really nice weekend, a worthwhile way to spend the puente.

The bus journey was stupid long, we left CDMX at about 11pm and arrived in P. Escondido at about 2 pm on Saturday. We quickly got changed and showered (we needed it), then hopped in a taxi to grab lunch at a place someone had recommended…. #gowiththeflow. After the far-too-spicy michelada, it was ripe time to hit the beach – or rather, for the beach to hit us: the sand was scalding hot and the waves hit you like a rugby tackle. Luckily we got some loungers and sun umbrellas, so we could relax, play some ball, drink cocktails and admire the gorgeous sunset.


In the evening, we headed to a club on the beach, which was cool but really weird, being almost encaged in a small area of beach, I’d rather have an open beach party.

The next day we visited Mazunte, a beach about an hour away, and so so hippy. Mariana and I grabbed a prawn-cocktail for brunch (finally got some seafood!), then swam in the sea, which wasn’t as violent as in Puerto Escondido, but we still both took a few tumbles. Then I went with some others on a boat tour to see some sea turtles, which we paid $180 each for. Unfortunately I felt shit the whole time as the waves were super choppy, but we saw some really cool things. A huge rock/cliff painted white by bird-poo (it looked like a chalk cliff from afar, but close up I think it was actually from the birds, the smell was awful!!), then the guides took us to see a nudist beach (um thanks I guess?) and finally a love beach, where you can have sex openly whenever you want… #HippyHaven. Then we ventured out further into the sea, and saw some huge sea turtles swimming by! The guide then surprised us by  diving in and catching one, and then he encouraged us all to hop in and get a closer look and take some photos… This was fine at first but then so many people wanted selfies and the turtle clearly wasn’t happy, which wasn’t very pleasant to watch… FINALLY they let it free though 😦 Then we carried on to do some snorkelling but I felt too sick/dehydrated, so I didn’t do it. I was so glad to be back onn dry land after!


But I didn’t have long to rest though, as we hiked straight up a cliff to see the sunset, and oh my God never have I seen so many hippies in one place. Clearly we hadn’t had an original idea… The sunset was gorgeous though and we even got to see some whales in the water!!! Then when the sun finally set, the hippies stopped singing and chanted and gave a round of applause to the sun! I wonder if they do this every day?

That evening, some of us decide to go visit the bio-luminescent lake, which was by far the best moment of the trip! It’s a lake with a special plankton which glows when you agitate it, e.g. by splashing around in it! It was extraordinary! Unfortunately you can’t take photos of the phenomenon, it just doesn’t show on camera, but just imagine feeling like tinkerbell, leaving a trail of glitter every time you move. We swam around for about 30 minutes, also admiring the super clear starry sky, you could see the whole milky way- we even saw shooting stars! The most incredible, surreal moment of my Year Abroad. Stars in the sky and stars in the water.

It was about 12am by the time we were back on the bus, but we wanted to join the others on their night out, so it was time for a #partybus to get into the spirit #PunIntended. A quick shower in the hotel, then we had precopa at 1:30am “in the shark”, a disused beach bar across the street. Pres was so good though we carried on there until 5am (others longer), instead of going to the club.

Monday we had a lie in, packed, then had breakfast on the beach. Then we got on the coach at 1pm to head back to the city, only to come across a protest blocking the road we wanted to take. So we took a “diversion” through the Oaxacan mountains, which was SO SLOW. The coach even got stuck at one point, so we had to get off and let it climb the dirt track alone. At about 10pm, we were still here: (the grey dot… P.E is just on the coast below that dot)


Walking through the mountains behind the bus….

Shit. We got dinner in a lonely mountain restaurant, we were all starving: we hadn’t stopped at a single shop to buy snacks nor to go to the loo, so the coach STANK from the toilet. Everyone felt queasy from the mountain roads, it was not good. But we carried on through the night, and I actually managed to sleep  for a few hours. I woke up, the sun had risen. We were still on the bus. It was 7am: I had to be at work in an hour. Unlikely. I had to teach a class in two hours. Probably not gonna happen. “Hopefully I’ll make my 11am class”, I thought, but no. There was so much traffic in the city, we only got to Condesa at 10am, and I had to go home to get showered and changed. I got home at 11am, and by then there was no point going to work. Sorry students! Not my fault!

So despite the 21 hour coach trip home, the weekend was worth it. Maybe next time, I’ll fly home though.


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