Time for Tequila

Again, this post is a bit late, but again, #yarp. Two weekends ago we went on the Hang Out trip to Tequila, Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque. I was expecting a booze-fulled weekend of shenanigans, but it all turned out rather chill!


Our first stop was Tequila, and we all know what this town is famous for…! We had breakfast in the market, but then it was time to experience the local produce. We took a tour in a bus shaped like a guitar, pumping out the reggaeton, we saw the centre, a Tequila factory (briefly), some magic/spiritual fountains, and of course had some banging margaritas, all before 1pm.

We then wandered around the centre a little more, popped into the Jose Cuervo store, and then hopped back on the coach to go see another Tequila factory, up and close this time. It was interesting, although we couldn’t hear some of the explanations (I think people were too excited waiting for the free samples). We tried white Tequila (stragiht from the distillery), 1 week old (light brown), 1 year and 5 years – I think, I don’t really remember….

We also got to see the cellars, where we saw some french Tequila being stored, and of course, they were playing Beethoven 24/7 to the barrels to make it taste better… Suuuuuure.


We carried on to Guadalajara, about an hour away. After a very filling lunch at an all you can eat buffet, we were free to explore the city. We were desperate to get a photo with the Guadalajara sign, but apparently the local parents had decided it was now a playground for their spoilt sprogs, so here’s the best pic I could get…


Some other pics of Guada:

Then in the evening, was frankly the best night out ever, and totally unexpected. We went to this club called Lola Lolitas, which advertised a glamorous girls’ night. #Winning. And it really was a great deal (for the gals): $150 entry, gets you unlimited drinks; your own litre-sized pink sippy cup from which to consume said drinks; entry to the show, and a whole lotta fun. For guys, sadly $150 got them 2 small drinks and a long wait in the lobby waiting for the show to finish. Sorry guys….

The show had been a bit of a mystery, no one being sure what it was. But oh my, it was a male strip show. The club makes you hand in your phones before going in, so the atmosphere was awesome – girls were in the moment and cheering and screaming rather than just sat filming on their phones. Good call, Lola. The dancers were super funny, getting girls to dance with them on stage (if you can call it dancing haha). Then once the show was over, the guys were aloud in and the place became your regular club.


You know you’re getting more Mexican when pronouncing “Tlaquepaque” doesn’t even bother you any more. This town was gorgeous, so quiet and calm, lots of souvenir shops, perfect for tourists. We ambled the streets, then got lunch in a restaurant which at first caused some trouble (they said the vegetarians had to eat meat or they had to leave?!), so we moved across the square to eat there. There was a mariachi show and traditional dance show in the centre, which was fun to watch while we ate. Tlaquepaque is the birthplace of the Mariachi, if you wanted to know.

At 5pm we hopped back on the bus to head back to the city. We watched a great film: No hay devoluciones, would 100% recommend.


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