Easter Travels: Bacalar 

23:58 – Monday 

It’s two minutes to midnight, we’re in a stranger’s house in bacalar, he’s given me 700 pesos to look after and his house keys while he’s gone sailing on LSD with some mates. *freeze frame/record scratches* “so I guess you’re wondering how we ended up in this situation”… 

Ann and I have made it to Bacalar, the first stop on our Easter holiday voyage. Getting here was hard enough despite the fact that we flew, as our flight was 2 hours late and mexico city airport is literally the worst designed airport I’ve ever been through. There are no signs, and they only update the departure screens every hour? Wtf? Anyway, we made it to Chetumal, then took a collectivo to bacalar (150 pesos each). We’re couchsurfing here with a guy called Victor, who seems really nice and friendly so far. We chatted at his with his mates before heading out to grab food at the restaurant where he works. 

 His house is simple, no gas, no WiFi, no furniture except a bed, a cabinet and a hammock. He doesn’t even have a kitchen (where does he eat??) but he’s been kind enough to offer us the bed while he takes les the hammock, although right now we’re not sure when he’s coming back from his midnight sailing trip. We also don’t know if he has his own keys, so we might have to stay up and wait for him.. 🤔 we’ll see I guess. Also it’s so hot in bacalar, and humid too! Soooo sticky. Anyway, night night! 

10:15 Tuesday

Victor just got back, it seems his night was rougher than ours. Ann kept getting trod on by the dog in her sleep so she ended up sleeping in the hammock. Then in the morning there was no running water, bummer… I was starting to get worried that Victor had drowned or something, but he came stumbling in at about 10am. We were meant to spend the day together, but that now seems unlikely, so Ann and I are off to the lake. 

18:12 Tuesday 

We had a fab day by the lake! Although it did end up raining more than it was sunny! First we found an Eco balneario (3$), but it started to rain then we got breakfast while we waited. 

Then we headed to balneario mágico bacalar (15$), where we swam more and rented some kayaks. But the sun went away and dark clouds loomed over, so we headed back to Victor’s to get changed,where we found him passed out asleep in the hammock. Sleep it off mate, sleep it off. Now we’re eating dinner at a really cool restaurant near the centre, it had such a great hostel vibe. Tomorrow we’ve got a bus at 3am to Belize, hopefully it’ll all go well! I’ll keep ya updated xx 


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