Easter Travels : Belize 🇧🇿 

13:00 Wednesday 

We made it to Belize! It was such a long journey, we had to get the 3am bus from bacalar (and sneak out of Victor’s house, as he was still passed out). At 4:30 am we crossed the border, which first involved leaving mexico (where as residents, we didn’t have to pay the 500 peso tax, but instead had to fill out an immigration arrival form. OK mexico, whatever you say. Then to enter Belize we had to fill out more forms, including stating the address where we’d be staying, so if you plan on going to Belize I recommend booking at least one night of accommodation in advance so you’ve got something to put on the form. 

At 7am we arrived at Belize city, from where we took a taxi (4usd) to the water taxi port. It’s worth mentioning that Belize uses 2 currencies interchangeably, the usd and Belize dollars (which feature the queen ♕) #excolony. So when you buy something you can pay in a mixture of both, with 2 Belize dollars equalling 1usd.

We got the first water taxi of the day, at 8am,and the ride took about an hour, with non stop Sean Paul. Ann slept through all of this basically, she’s defo not a morning person 😉. We got to caye caulker, and found our hostel: Juan’s guest house. It’s nice and chill, we’re currently lounging in some hammocks. 

The island is so cool, completely different to Belize city. The city felt like an even poorer version of Mexico City, whereas the island is quite touristy, hence richer. The whole island is walkable, there are no cars, only golf carts! The Motto of the island is “go slow” 😎. The main beaches are at the split, although there were lots of diggers there today. But we still swam and sunbathed, maybe a bit too much oops! The sea is so warm and beautiful here! 😍 shame we’re only staying one night! 

19:50 Wednesday 

On the downside, catcalling here is unreal, way worse than in Mexico City. Like Ann and I were wearing all black earlier, and we walked past some black guys who shouted “smile girls, you look prettier when you smile, ladies in black, or you’d look even better with a black cock in you”. Delightful. Thanks for that beauty tip mate. 

Going back to the plusses, being and ex colony and all that, THEY HAVE MCVITIES DIGESTIVES, BOURBONS AND CADBURYS. praise the Lord! Mega snacking tonight!

For dinner we tried some Belizean food: creole and curry chicken. Both were delish! I think we’ll call it an early night tonight though, we’re both knackered.


10:56 Thursday 

This morning we woke up refreshed and got breakfast at our favourite place, amor y café. Everything is so yummy there! Then we went for a walk and I bought some souvenirs, before heading back to the hostel to check out. Today we’re travelling to flores, Guatemala, wish us luck! 🍀 


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